About Us

Women’s and female youth cycling is on the rise, but the sport needs more females cycling in order to progress the sport.


To assist this progression our goal is to develop a Yorkshire based female Youth / Junior Cycling Race Team. There are currently a number of female Youth / Junior race teams in existence nationally, but our focus is to develop local riders who would be able to compete at regional, national and international level.


Our aim is to build an effective team ethos developed through regular training sessions/seminars, both in the UK and abroad, developing links with a continental team.


An important aspect of the team is developing strong links with a Yorkshire based charity that has an association with teenagers. Our aim is to raise awareness, promote their work and their links to the teenage / young adult community.

The Vision

CORE VALUES: To be proud of who you are, work hard, be honest with yourself and your team, show togetherness and strive to be the best you can be in all you do. These qualities must be demonstrated at all times.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: We will endeavour to educate our riders in all aspects of their cycling. We will look to support our riders in all they do and ensure they are involved in any decisions that affect them and the team.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: We aim to create an environment that is welcoming and friendly. Teenagers are growing up in a pressurised world. We want to develop the whole rider, not just concentrating on cycling but supporting them emotionally, mentally and physically.  We will develop opportunities for our riders, allowing them to excel and grow in confidence, both in the sport of cycling and all aspects of their life.

The Management Team

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Nicola is an expert in sport and exercise behaviour, specifically in relation to teenage girls.  Having spent 25 years researching, evaluating and developing exercise behaviour models, Nicola is currently a Senior Lecturer at University of Huddersfield.

A co-founder of a health and activity behaviour-change organisation and a Trustee at a charity aimed at improving self-esteem and fitness of girls from deprived areas.


Nicola is also a keen amateur cyclist; competing in long distance events, triathlons and ultra-distance marathons.

Exercise Behaviour Expert



Adam is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Leeds Beckett University and has worked as a Sport Scientist supporting athletes, coaches and parents from a range of sports and backgrounds. 


Having also worked as a consultant delivering educational training workshops across the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia;  Adam supports the development of each rider.

Sports Scientist


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Senior Squad Manager


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Youth Squad Manager


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Emma is a Business Development Manager at one of the North East largest digital marketing agencies and has worked with a variety of businesses, charities and teams improving their online marketing strategies.

Emma has a passion for supporting young people.  Emma is responsible for the marketing, press releases and social media.

Multimedia Manager